Nevada sportsbooks earn $11.3m win from Super Bowl LVII

NFL football with Super Bowl LVII logo
Image: Around the World Photos/Shutterstock

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Nevada Gaming Control Board has updated its wagering totals for Super Bowl LVII, declaring a decrease in sportsbook win and hold percentage to $5.5m and 3.6% respectively, the state’s lowest figures in these fields since 2018 – Super Bowl LII – when the Eagles defeated the New England Patriots by a score of 41-33.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has reported that just over $153m was wagered at the state’s sportsbooks for last weekend’s Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LVII was won by the Kansas City Chiefs by a scoreline of 38-35 against the Philadelphia Eagles at State Farm Stadium in Arizona on Sunday.

The Silver State’s gaming control board released figures revealing that $153.2m was wagered at the state’s 185 sportsbooks for this year’s Big Game, resulting in a win of $11.3m off a win percentage of 7.4%.

Kirk Hendrick, Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, commented: “Unaudited figures show a sportsbook win of $11,287,594 was recorded on wagers totaling $153,183,002. This resulted in a hold percentage of 7.4%.

“The Nevada gaming control board looks forward to Allegiant Stadium hosting Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas next year.”

2023’s wagers were only the fourth-highest handle amount Nevada’s sportsbooks have achieved in the past 10 years.

In 2022, $179.8m was wagered on Super Bowl LVI, which saw the Los Angeles Rams defeat the Cincinnati Bengals by a score of 23-20. Sportsbooks earned a win of $15.4m last year off a hold percentage of 8.6%.

GeoComply also reported that over 100 million geolocation checks were detected across 23 US states and DC from online sports betting during the Super Bowl weekend.