Global Gaming Women’s Breakfast: A tradition of empowerment at SBC Summit NA

Global Gaming Women breakfast
Image: SBC

At SBC events, the Global Gaming Women Breakfast Meetup has become a cherished tradition. With more women from diverse industry backgrounds participating in conferences, taking prominent roles, and openly sharing insights and narratives, these morning gatherings have witnessed a surge in attendance. 

Lauren Bates, president of the Global Gaming Women organization, shared insights on mentorship and the importance of women supporting each other in a recent interview with Martyn Elliott for SBC Leaders Magazine

Bates, referred to by our Project Director, Elliott, as “one of the smartest and friendliest people I’ve had the pleasure of talking to,” also unveiled the organization’s intentions to launch a new mentorship program.

“Mentorship is one of the things women crave so much. Our male counterparts have golf outings and all these events where they get to socialise and network with others in the industry, but a lot of women don’t get that invite,” she said.

While the spirit of women’s empowerment may not find its place on the golf course, it will undoubtedly be in the spotlight once again at the forthcoming edition of SBC Summit North America. The breakfast event will kick off the core event days on Wednesday, May 8, at the Networking Lounge FE40 in the Meadowlands Exposition Center, from 09:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Anne Hay, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at PayNearMe, reflects on PayNearMe’s return as a sponsor for this year’s breakfast event.

“We’re thrilled to be sponsoring the GGW Breakfast at SBC North America for the third year in a row. It’s an event that means so much to our GGW members at PayNearMe, as well as our male allies on our gaming team. We’ve made meaningful connections at the breakfast every year and look forward to keeping that trend going.”

All GGW members and women working in the industry with an SBC Summit North America conference badge are invited to join the networking breakfast. Given the event’s growing popularity, to accommodate all women interested in attending the breakfast, please RSVP here.

“We’re delighted to see the growth of this event, which reflects the rising number of women in the gaming industry. There’s truly no better way to kick off the first full day of the show than with good company, good conversations, and maybe even a mimosa. We look forward to seeing everyone there again this year for what we hope to be our biggest event ye,” Hay added.

“As a sponsor of this year’s breakfast at SBC Summit North America, is excited to hear about the latest ideas and emerging opportunities within sports betting and iGaming. We look forward to connecting with leaders from across the industry and collaborating on innovative solutions that will drive the industry forward,” said, another sponsor of this year’s event.

As Bates eloquently expressed in her interview, “women can often be their own harshest critics, so having a great group of peers, sponsors or allies can really help.” As an events and media company, SBC is pleased to support organizations such as Global Gaming Women and all the women in the industry as they strive to find that support network.

GGW originated as a branch of the American Gaming Association in 2011 before transitioning into an independent nonprofit organization in 2016. Initially, it was primarily associated with employers in Las Vegas, but in recent years, it has expanded rapidly to become a globally recognized organization.

Today, GGW is an inclusive organization devoted to enhancing the professional growth of women in the gaming sector. They provide essential support and resources for women at all career levels, empowering them with opportunities for personal and professional development, and encouraging connections among women in the gaming industry.