Rob Phythian, SharpLink: Overcoming player conversion challenges

Player conversion can present a number of challenges for sportsbooks. But according to SharpLink CEO Rob Phythian, operators must consider taking a player-centric, “environmentally contextual” approach to engagement to ensure that sports fans are converted into bettors.

Speaking at the recent SBC Summit North America, Phythian gave some insight on the C4 Engine, a software which the CEO explained has been set up ‘from scratch’ to help convert sports fans into sports bettors.

He began: “The C4 engine is software that we’re developing from scratch. It is 100% our own code that is going to connect the audience with the bookmaker in a very contextual way. It acts in a similar way to sticky ads; we learn a bit of information about you, we then serve up an ad which prompts you to then place a bet.”

Discussions then turned towards conversion and catering to the demands of the US audience. Phythian highlighted the player-centric nature of fan engagement typically seen with Fantasy Sports – an approach which SharpLink hopes to replicate.

He continued: The sports fans in the US are a little different to those in Europe. We were raised on fantasy sports – a very player-driven, player-centric type engagement. 

“So when we built our US-based software, we made sure we connected to the US audience in a very player-centric, granular way, similar to fantasy sports. That is the trigger point to get over to the sportsbook and in a different way other than the $1 promotions. That approach is not us. 

“We’re connecting to a user that might have Tom Brady on his roster, pulling the markets from BetMGM on Tom Brady, and offering them in their environment contextually. That’s going to be a longer term way of converting sports fans into sports bettors, we believe.”

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