Former Philadelphia Eagles star and member of the SeventySix Capital Athlete Venture Group, Brian Westbrook, has praised the legalization of sports betting as an ‘amazing opportunity’ for sports leagues across the US as more states are beginning to permit gambling.

During an interview at the recent Betting on Sports America conference in New Jersey, Westbrook explained to SBC that betting technology will play a significant role in the way that sports betting will impact the leagues, and it is because of this that SeventySix Capital have begun to focus upon technology start-ups.

When pressed for what he thought about the new opportunities that legalized sports betting can present, he explained: “I’m excited about how this gambling sector will continue to grow. I think that we’re not at the beginning, but we’re closer to the beginning of this sector continuing to grow all throughout our country with just a handful of states that have legalized gambling, and the business of gambling being huge already.

“It will continue to grow from state to state to state, to the leagues, from the NBA to the NFL, to the MLB. And as it grows, there are a lot of other opportunities, and a lot of our start up companies that we’ve invested in with the SeventySix Capital – who are a big part of the technology and the analytics side of things – will continue to grow over time.”

“I think that as long as people are doing it in a responsible manner, that they are gambling on the right things and not doing it illegally, I think that it’s an amazing opportunity for a lot of people and it will also present a lot of fun as well.”