SportsDataIO makes data available to Smart Contracts via Chainlink node

SportsDataIO has entered into a new partnership with Chainlink, thereby making its sports data available for decentralized applications across multiple blockchain environments. 

By leveraging the Chainlink node, smart contract developers will gain access to real-time game scores, statistics, odds, projections and news from major sports leagues.

“Expanding into a new business model as a blockchain-based data provider was made seamless through Chainlink, enabling us to spin up a node and get out existing APIs compatible with blockchain networks rather quickly,” stated SportsDataIO CEO Scott Gimpel

“We’re confident that developers using the SportsDataIO Chainlink node will be consuming premium sports data that’s been highly curated by our experienced team and secure infrastructure, leading to consistently correct outcomes for their smart contact applications.”

SportsDataIO praised Chainlink’s “time-tested and widely used” oracle solution as a key factor in deciding upon a new partner, noting that this new agreement will provide access to “previously inaccessible” blockchain environments.

In a statement, SportsDataIO said: “We are pleased to support emerging blockchain markets by providing our premium sports statistics, game scores, odds, and other datasets directly to blockchain applications through our Chainlink node. 

“We believe this is just the beginning of a flouring on-chain ecosystem of decentralized sports applications running across a multitude of blockchains.”