SportsDataIO enters into bet tracking solution partnership with SharpSports

SportsDataIO has entered into a partnership with SharpSports to bring SharpSports’ BetLink technology to SportsDataIO’s widgets platform.
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SportsDataIO, a provider of sports, odds, and fantasy data, has entered into a partnership with SharpSports to bring SharpSports’ BetLink technology to SportsDataIO’s widgets platform, offering the market’s only pre-built bet tracking solution.

BetLink enables brands to provide their users with a way to link their sportsbook accounts to automatically track wagers made, won, and lost, using bet tracking tools.

As part of the deal, SportsDataIO’s widget platform will feature a bet tracking tool that’s fully integrated with BetLink, allowing brands to deploy BetLink quickly.

Dustin Sullivan, President of SportsDataIO, said: “With this partnership, organizations can now provide their audience with a cradle-to-grave sports betting experience. Utilizing our current data and odds content, users can track lines from the moment they open until the game is complete. And thanks to the BetLink integration, those same users can see real-time insights on their betting performance.

“SportsDataIO is always looking for new avenues to innovate. Whether it’s new data feeds, products like our widget platform, or partnerships like with SharpSports we remain committed to providing the most comprehensive solution set in the sports data space.”

SportsDataIO widgets are UI components that can be easily added to front-end applications, are responsive for both web and mobile, and update in real-time as pages load. They also come fully loaded with backend features such as affiliate link management tools, built-in IP detection, and reporting.

Ryan Murphy, CEO & Founder of SharpSports, added: “We’re beyond excited to be partnering with SportsDataIO. SharpSports is devoted to providing multiple avenues for 3rd parties to utilize our innovative technology. SportsDataIO’s client list provides distribution while their widget platform allows BetLink to be deployed quickly and easily.

“Looking at SportsDataIO we saw a premier provider of sports data, most importantly their odds offering is one of the most robust in the industry. This made them a natural ally as we look to engage with the rapidly growing US betting industry.”

Earlier this month, SportsDataIO agreed to become the preferred statistical and odds data provider to igaming solutions provider Incentive Games.