The National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) Board of Governors has restated its support of the current NCAA rules that forbid student-athletes and university administrators from wagering on sports or sharing information with other parties that are associated with sports betting. It also determined that player availability reporting is not a viable option at this time.

The reaffirmation was made by Michael V Drake, chair of the Board of Governors and President of the Ohio State University. Based on the work of the Ad Hoc Committee on Sports Wagering, created by the Board of Governors in October, he said, the board concluded that player availability would not advance student-athlete well-being nor the integrity of competition. 

Following a meeting of the group earlier this week in Indianapolis, he stated: “The ad hoc committee gathered thorough feedback from conference commissioners, athletics administrators, athletic trainers and student-athletes across all three divisions about potential player availability reporting. The membership has significant concerns about the purpose, parameters, enforcement and effectiveness of a player availability reporting model.”

The board has also encouraged the NCAA national office and member schools and conferences to provide additional educational resources to help protect student-athlete well-being and the integrity of competition.