IGT scores ESG accolades from Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley building exterior
Image: Shutterstock / Michael Vi

IGT has added another achievement to its long list of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) achievements.

The company announced this week that it received an AAA rating for ESG from Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI). The rating is a jump up from the previous year, where IGT was AA. It is also the top rating the group doles out and puts IGT in a category of leaders in the space.

“IGT achieving the MSCI AAA ESG rating demonstrates our strong commitment to enhancing our company-wide sustainability results through our ongoing Sustainable Play initiatives,” said Wendy Montgomery, IGT SVP, Marketing, Communications and Sustainability. “Sustainability is embedded throughout our daily operations as we focus on creating long-term value for our key stakeholders.”

MSCI measures not only how a company is currently performing when it comes to ESG but how the company is positioned to address concerns in the future.

IGT has consistently been named as a company that cares deeply about issues that fall under the umbrella of ESG and DEI.

Last year, IGT was one of the top-ranked company in the annual All-Index from All-in Diversity Project.

Brian Blake, who joined IGT as the company’s Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion spoke with SBC Americas las summer about his approach, which has helped lead the company to more recognition in the space. The company formed a dedicated DEI division within the organization in 2018.