Pro League Network opens new studio in Missouri

video studio
Image: Shutterstock

Pro League Network has unveiled a new studio facility in Branson, Missouri in a bid to elevate its combat sports output for bettors. 

PLN Studios, which will be led by SlapFIGHT Championship CEO JT Tilley who is also Creative Director at PLN, will serve as a centralized location for PLN’s output enabling it to increase the volume of annual competitions. 

It comes off the back of PLN’s acquisition of SlapFIGHT Championship in September 2023 and the PLN Studio location is the former site of the SlapFIGHT studio. 

The studio will be the production hub for several combat sports such as CarJitsu Championship, SlapFIGHT Championship, Gorilla Games and Ultimate Tire Wrestling and create and shoot PLN-focused sports entertainment shows, including BFC Extreme.

“Having a dedicated studio to produce our sports has been one of our goals from Day One,” said PLN co-founders Bill Yucatonis and Mike Salvaris. “The PLN Studio will allow us to accelerate our entertainment and competition programming next year and will give us a great home to develop new sports that we’ll introduce to the market in 2024.”

Meanwhile, the studio will allow PLN, which was formed in December 2022, to expand its sports show offerings and create pre-game and studio shows focused on its competitions. 

PLN Studio will be equipped with a dedicated sound booth, A/V equipment, custom lighting, photo walls, green screens and a control room for production and sound and video mixing. 

This move will help PLN to continue to serve its operator clients with its combat sports provisions and supply more engaging audiovisual content. 

PLN clients include DraftKings, bet365 and Betfred and the firm serves these operators in 16 states including New Jersey, Tennessee, Arizona, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Illinois amongst others.

The firm has also indicated that it will look to ramp up its content provisions even further by opening a new studio on the East Coast of the US in 2024 as it continues to embark on a rapid growth strategy.