Pro League Network set to harness SGG Media’s influencer network

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SGG Media has teamed up with Pro League Network (PLN) to help market its portfolio of sports content.

According to SGG, it will use its network of 2,000 sports micro-influencer content creators and 60 million sports fan followers to create social media marketing campaigns for PLN.

Launched in 2022, PLN aims to create sports that allow a “watch’n’wager” experience for fans. Its sports offering includes the World Putting League, SlapFight Championships and 3×3 basketball league str33t.

Pro League Network’s goal is to introduce fun, live, betable, professional sports events to a new generation of players. These types of sports are fun for groups of fans to stream and watch in their own physical and online communities,” said Pro League Network Co-Founders Mike Salvaris and Bill Yucatonis.

PLN’s sports are available for wagering via many sportsbooks, including DraftKings, bet365 and Betfred in the U.S. and internationally. In the U.S. it serves operators in 16 states including New Jersey, Tennessee, Arizona, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Illinois amongst others.

“Many of Pro League Network’s events offer legal wagering our targeted micro-influencer social media sports fan audience may find interesting and entertaining. The sports offered may be something you have never seen before, but they are compelling, and you can’t turn away once these events start streaming,” said SGG Media CEO Troy Paul.

“We aim to modernize sports entertainment by capitalizing on the exploding livestreaming sports wagering market. SGG Media’s experience in social media, excellent portfolio of highly engaged micro-influencer content creators, and unique approach to marketing are leading this new chapter in the history of alternative sports.”

Last year PLN opened a studio facility in Branson, Missouri which is used as a production hub for several of its combat sport offerings including SlapFight Championship, CarJitsu and Ultimate Tire Wrestling. It also plans to open another studio on the East Coast in 2024.