MLB in-game betting more than doubled YoY per Simplebet

New York Yankees field
Image: Shutterstock / Pierre E Debbas

Recent data from Simplebet suggests that bettors are increasingly interested in in-game baseball betting.

The micro-betting company announced this week that MLB regular season betting volume at Simplebet was up by 230%, there was a similar jump in unique users, and overall handle more than doubled.

Reports from 2022 put Simplebet’s MLB handle at $262M, which means this year the company generated over half a billion dollars in bets.

“This MLB season is an excellent example of how micro-betting continues to grow and flourish,” said Simplebet CEO Chris Bevilacqua. “As this MLB postseason charges on, we will be excited to provide our users and partners new ways to engage with America’s Pastime. We look forward to improving our MLB product to see even greater growth for next season”.

The most popular form of betting this past season was on pitch results. The option for bettors to predict ball or strike accounted for 40% of all wagers, which was in line with the market’s popularity last season.

In July, Simplebet rolled out a new product, Same Inning Parlays, that also helped drive interest in betting on the sport. The new product will also be available to bettors as the league heads into the postseason.

In addition to offering real-money in-game betting on MLB. Simplebet also partnered with New York’s YES Network on a “Pick N Play” free-to-play game. The game generated more than a million user predictions and an uptick of 30% in participation compared to last season.

What makes the numbers all the more impressive is that the New York Yankees had a dismal year on the field but the “Pick N Play” app managed to keep users tuned in and engaged with the games.