XtremePush to deliver personalized marketing solutions for SB22’s sports betting platform

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Image: Shutterstock

XtremePush has formed a partnership with sports betting platform provider SB22 to enhance the marketing messaging and player communication efforts for the US market.

The agreement ensures that the omnichannel customer engagement platform will provide SB22 with hyper-personalized marketing solutions for its promotional tools within its platform. 

SB22 is a newcomer to the US sports betting market, bringing “next-generation” technology such as AI to its platform, which is built to GLI-33 standards and designed for the US. 

XtremePush’s solution will allow SB22 to collect and analyze player data in real-time to create relevant and hyper-personalized communication to improve the player experience and help boost retention. 

Robbie Sexton, Director of Partnerships and Sports Betting & Gaming, said: “Our platform is purpose-built for hyper-personalized omnichannel marketing, and we believe it will enable SB22 to deliver personalized and relevant messages to its users across all channels, improving overall engagement and retention while driving revenue growth.”

Operators using SB22’s platform will be able to create personalized messaging across all channels, including push notifications, email, SMS, and in-app messaging. 

The 2022 startup recently announced a partnership with ZingSports in Puerto Rico, a deal that would see it deploy its platform on the island subject to relevant licensing and regulatory approvals. 

Meanwhile, it boosted its industry expertise recently with the addition of former FanDuel executive Keith Wall as a strategic advisor to the senior leadership as it seeks to interrupt the US sportsbook market. 

Steve Laity, VP of Strategy for SB22, added: “We are delighted to partner with Xtremepush, an innovative customer engagement platform that will take our sports betting experience to the next level. 

“Our platform is designed to offer users a truly next-generation sports betting experience, and the addition of Xtremepush’s technology will enable us to provide a personalized and seamless experience to our users.”