BOSE: Championing new technology to uplift the sports betting player journey

Image source: Shutterstock

A significant side-effect of the explosion in US sports betting has been the rapid acceleration of wagering technology across the globe. 

At Betting on Sports Europe this week, delegates were offered a tighter focus on how operators have championed new technologies when it comes to maximizing efficiency in onboarding and uplifting the player journey.  

John Gordon, CEO at Incentive Games spoke of the importance of the consumer journey in all sectors, detailing that gamification can be key for the digital player. 

“We have gamification specialists and content providers as well,” he stated as he outlined the firm’s strategy in building a loyal igaming audience. 

Concentrating on the most efficient strategy used by operators as they look to increase the revenue on a game – usually prioritizing decreasing the margins of the game – he argued that the most effective approach is to increase the margins and bolster player enjoyment. This, he claimed, subsequently leads to an increase in long-term play times. 

Conversion from DFS to prop betting within sports was a further avenue that was highlighted by Gordon. He added that detailing relevant sports bets off the back of a user’s fantasy picks is often a fruitful retention strategy within the US market where DFS has been a stalwart offering for many years.

Original content is also something he cited as existing at the heart of customer engagement and elevating the enjoyment of their experience. 

In terms of onboarding, he pointed to advertising technology as the key innovation that can build the level of engagement in the process – articulating his belief that the ‘bet 10 get 10’ model is on the way out. 

Lloyd Danzig, Managing Partner at  Sharp Alpha Advisors, was keen to highlight just how important convenience is to players in the US as they seek to maximize enjoyment within their sports betting and gaming journey,

He also revealed details of a ‘Shazam for sports betting app’, which is one of the key innovations on the cusp of launch in the US. It aims to evolve the sports betting experience Stateside, while introducing a new level to the relationship between affiliates and operators.  

The Shazam app is effectively a B2B tool that allows a customer to hold a QR code to the screen when a live sporting event is on, to be alerted of the best bets, and undoubtedly represents a potential game changer for the market.

Looking at the consumer experience, Crocobet Chairman Temur Mikeladze stated: “When we are talking about gamification it is very important to know where your brand stands and the age group of your customer demographic.” 

He added that the first deposit and that inaugural customer journey is pivotal to retention, more gamification and value to the customer with a clear path to a win, the journey must be clear.