John Gordon: Free to play games ‘phenomenal tool’ for customer retention

Whilst the rise of free-to-play games is often synonymous with customer acquisition in the sports betting and gaming world, there is an increasing shift towards them being a tool used for customer retention, according to John Gordon, CEO of Incentive Games

Speaking to SBC Media at SBC Summit North Summit last year, Gordon described free-to-play games as a ‘phenomenal tool’ when it comes to customer acquisition and retention. 

He remarked: “It has performed extremely well in the UK and around Europe and we’ve also adapted it really well in Africa. We’re seeing it done not so badly here in America; they’re becoming more prevalent and they’re becoming better and better at it. 

“It is a phenomenal tool for acquisition bt more and more these das our games are used as a tool for retention and I think that’s where the real winner is. This industry is better than any at acquiring customers but they’re simply acquiring it from one operator to the next.

“It’s really who has the best product which is your sports and casino but the free-to-play aspect that adds extra content to get the customers back and retain them for longer.”

Gordon noted that Incentive Games is using its position in the free-to-play space to help its clients stand out from a saturated gaming market. 

In particular, he pointed toward the firm’s ‘bespoke’ portfolio of games to highlight the advantage it has over its competitors in terms of aiding its clients’ growth. 

He added: “We help our clients stand out by providing bespoke content. These days, if you’re on another platform, you’re really getting the same product as any other operator. 

“We’re simply adding an extra bit of sauce, a bit of spice that no one else has and we do that bespoke per region and we tend to work with the number one or number two in that region to help them stand out.”