Pickswise survey finds that basketball bettors are ‘wired differently’

Image source: Shutterstock

Basketball bettors are wired differently than those who wager on other sports according to data from a recent survey commissioned by betting analysis provider Pickswise

While it is still a recreational pursuit for them, they are highly engaged and take a more serious approach, said the report, as they are more interested in winning as a primary motivation and more comprehensive in their preparation and execution in order to realize that.

Among basketball bettors, inclusive of those who bet on college and professional games, 73% say winning is a major reason they bet, and 43% say winning money is their most important reason. 

That compared to 67% and 36%, respectively, who don’t bet on basketball. Additionally, 77% bet weekly, compared to 56% of non-basketball bettors, and 35% average more than $100 per bet vs. 28% of those who don’t bet on basketball.

These behavioral differences were identified as part of a comprehensive survey of US sports bettors. The Inaugural Pickswise Annual Sports Bettor Survey, which was conducted by Beacon Research this summer, included 1,500 self-identified US sports bettors residing in states with legal sports betting.

Dan Pozner, VP of Content for Spotlight Sports Group, which owns Pickswise, commented: “As legal sports betting continues to expand across the US, it’s becoming increasingly clear that betting profiles vary by sport. Fans are highly engaged across a number of sports, but those with interest in basketball stand alone with a uniquely diligent approach.”

Football remains the most popular sport to bet on with 73% of survey respondents saying they bet on the sport. Basketball was second with 62%.

The study found that there are some specific differences in basketball bettors compared to other bettors. Basketball bettors spend more time and effort preparing:

  • 33% spend more than two hours per week on research and analysis, compared to 26% of non-basketball bettors
  • More are interested in betting insights and analysis (83% vs 76%)
  • More are likely to research bets (83% vs 77%)
  • 61% view video insights and analysis vs 48%

Basketball bettors play more angles:

  • They are twice as likely to say getting the best odds is important when choosing a sportsbook (20% vs 11%)
  • They are more likely to have several betting accounts – 40% have three or more US-based accounts, compared to 26% of those who don’t bet on basketball 

They are different demographically:

  • More likely to be male (78% vs 69%)
  • More likely to be under age 45 (81% vs 73%)
  • Slightly more likely to be single (37% vs 33%)
  • More likely to be Black (17% vs 10%)