AI-driven predictive sports platform Quarter4 has announced it has finalized a pre-seed funding round this week. Angel investor Melissa Durrell, President and Chief Strategy Officer of Durrell Communications and investor and advisor Hazem Dawani, CEO of New York-based Predata, are among the key investors this round. 

The firm’s CEO Kelly Brooks explained the rationale behind the funding and how it will be used, saying: “As the sports betting industry opens up to new markets across the US and Canada, millions of new bettors will be targeted to participate but will be too intimidated or unsure how to navigate the complicated world of sports betting. 

“We’re excited to use this pre-seed funding to help expand the breadth of our technology and intuitive customer interface and empower the millions of casual and mid-tier bettors that want to maximize their investment by utilizing stronger, data-based decisions.”

2020 has been a pivotal year for the company according to Quarter4 which onboarded more than 5,000 users to its platform during the COVID-19 condensed 2020 NHL and NBA seasons. It currently runs analytics for the NHL, NBA and NCAA basketball but will expand to the NFL and MLB in 2021. 

The company also launched its business focused 4Business platform this year, granting sportsbooks, data providers and media agencies insights and innovative ways to deliver new content through its signature advances in unique AI-driven datasets into player and team performance.

Investor Durrell commented: “The sports betting industry is in its infancy in North America and investors are looking for innovative companies creating products and solutions that can influence and expand the category. Quarter4 is one of those companies as its product levels the playing field between new entrants and professionals.

“I believe in the strength of Quarter4’s data and the innovative platform driving its success. As a female investor that is used to a little risk, I’m confident I’m betting on the right team.”