Nevada State Senator Keith Pickard, President of the National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS), has set out the organization’s vision to expand its reputation as the primary source of best practices in gaming law and regulation.

In a series of upcoming webinars, conferences and other forums NCLGS will identify effective regulation of sports betting, igaming and other emerging verticals said Pickard. It will work to ensure that lotteries and land-based casinos find ways to cooperate and find convergence in the digital era.

The organization will also aim to capture the full economic potential of both commercial and Indian gaming and look to grow non-gaming revenue streams to increase employment, promote tourism and advance other policy goals in states.

In a statement to members and the industry, Pickard said: “The legal gaming industry has been roiled in recent months by everything from a pandemic to the emergence of new technologies to the constant dilemma of deep state budget deficits. Amidst all that uncertainty, our fellow lawmakers can be assured of one constant: NCLGS will be there to provide guidance, research and support to identify and promote universal best practices.”

“I will continue to work with my colleagues and staff to build on the growth we enjoyed under the leadership of Ohio State Senator Bill Coley.” 

Pickard will moderate an NCLGS webinar today at 1pm EST titled Expanding Gaming Landscape: New Entrants, New Challenges. It will address the growth of non-gaming revenue and the expansion of new forms of digital gaming, esports and sports betting to create new opportunities and challenges. 

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