Colombia based soccer competition organizer Dimayor, one of the largest of its kind in Latin America, has announced a new partnership with Genius Sports to provide the Colombian league with an unprecedented level of protection against match-fixing and betting-related corruption.

The aim of the new partnership is to review and strengthen Dimayor’s integrity policies, including its rules around insider information and structures for running investigations, implementing international best practices, regulations and procedures.

Furthermore, it will also benefit from essential visibility over global betting on its games through Genius Sports’ Bet Monitoring System. By comparing real-time odds movements from regulated and unregulated betting markets with predictive algorithms and key intelligence from bookmakers, this technology will automatically flag any potentially suspicious betting activity.

Genius Sports’ integrity leadership team will also conduct a series of educational workshops with Dimayor’s players, coaches and officials, reinforcing the new rules and regulations and emphasizing the potential consequences of match-fixing.

To support its enhanced integrity strategy and enhance the value of its official data, Dimayor will work alongside Genius Sports to control the collection and distribution of its live statistics. Unauthorized or illegitimate data sources on games will be identified and disrupted, providing complete transparency and control as well as a global audience to engage.

Jorge Enrique Velez, President of the Colombian organizer, commented: “Dimayor is committed to the integrity of football and transparency around our competitions. This is why the arrival of Genius Sports is a demonstration of our interest in tracking betting in Colombian Professional Football, through monitoring and market analysis, to prevent irregularities that may involve stakeholders from our football competitions. In this way we reaffirm our commitment with the sports betting operator guild, with the Prosecutors Office and the National Government.

“Genius Sports is the largest company worldwide to guarantee control over this and will work alongside us in all of the games of our competitions. We are the first league in South America to engage integrity and transparency directly.”

Mark Locke, CEO of Genius Sports Group, said: “Since 2016 when we opened our Latin American headquarters in Medellín and hosted the region’s first ever sports integrity summit in Bogota the following year, Colombia has been central to our global success. It is a real honor to have been chosen by Dimayor as their trusted data and integrity partner, ensuring their fans can have faith in a fair and transparent contest and the league is equipped with the information and tools to maintain a clean, honest and unpredictable sport.”