Genius Sports unveils fan identification tool for advertisers

Image: Shutterstock

Genius Sports has launched a new solution named FanHub ID, a tool allowing marketers and content owners to build up profiles of fans to engage audiences at a large scale. 

The solution – which Genius Sports states is privacy-compliant – uses online and offline data points to build up profiles of its users’ customers, allowing access to new audiences both online and offline. 

FanHub aims to “revolutionize sports advertising” through creating and offering one single profile for millions of sports fans, allowing its clients to find their audience in large numbers on digital and non-digital platforms. 

“Sports fans make up the world’s most passionate audiences, but marketers and content owners still struggle to identify, measure, and engage their fan personas,” said Manny Puentes, GM of Advertising at Genius Sports. “FanHub ID gives them the ability to activate fan data to enable long-term loyalty.”

All existing Genius Sports clients will be able to gain access to FanHub ID, where they will benefit from gaining a better understanding of their fans in order to better engage with audiences. 

“FanHub ID drives immediate impact to current Genius Sports customers by helping them better understand their audience and extend their sponsorship dollars beyond their owned and operated content,” added Josh Linforth, Chief Revenue Officer at Genius Sports. 

“Sports content owners will finally have the insights they need to drive deeper engagement and find the most valuable fans of the future.”

FanHub ID is not the only innovation that Genius Sports has launched this year after it pressed the go-live button on BetVision ahead of the current football season. 

Calling upon clients such as FanDuel, BetVision allows users to stream select NFL games while consuming stats and betting on certain lines all in the same place.