FanDuel latest sportsbook to leverage Genius Sports’ BetVision

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Genius Sports has expanded its agreement with FanDuel to supply its new BetVision NFL streaming and betting solution. 

The partnership will see FanDuel integrate the BetVision streaming platform into its app, allowing its bettors to watch select NFL games alongside live stats. 

Meanwhile, FanDuel will also use Genius’ “next-gen stats” for NFL games which it has access to via its exclusive data rights agreement with the NFL that has been extended to the end of the 2027/28 season. 

“As an Official Sports Betting Partner of the NFL, we’re continuing to look for ways to elevate the betting experience on our platform for fans during every game,” said Mike Raffensperger, Chief Commercial Officer at FanDuel. “Partnering with Genius will allow us to pair our industry-leading product with access to BetVision to build a seamless live betting experience for fans.”

In the future, the agreement will expand to give FanDuel further BetVision features such as integrated betting odds, in-game betting alerts and data-driven augmentations. 

BetVision has been rolled out with Caesars and Fanatics since launching in September and has helped to boost in-game bets and customer retention. 

“In partnership with FanDuel, we are proud to lead a new era of sports betting experiences across North America,” said Mark Locke, CEO of Genius Sports. 

“With heightened demand for greater personalization and interactivity, BetVision revolutionizes the live betting experience for FanDuel’s customers by helping to drive fan engagement and accelerate the growth of in-game betting.”

BetVision took up a big proportion of the Genius Sports Q3 earnings call, in which CEO Locke put some flesh on the bones of the early successes of the new product. 

“While live streaming has existed on sportsbook apps for several years, the key difference in BetVision is the combination of all our best technology assets that are unique to Genius: real-time NFL stats, live betting markets, computer vision and augmentation capabilities, and integrated bet slips,” he told investors. 

“This sets us up on the path to revolutionize sports betting experience and represents the first genuine example of the convergence of sports betting media and broadcast.”

Having been live for just a few short weeks since the beginning of the NFL campaign, Genius has detailed that the results have been clear, delivering 83% of total betting handle coming from in-play compared to the industry average of 20-25%. 

Furthermore, the firm noted that 54% of total bets were in-play and that in-play handle has increased by 121% since the beginning of the season. 

Locke stated: “These data points should highlight how BetVision drives higher engagement and more betting volume for our sportsbook partners. The growth of in-play volume from BetVision is a clear demonstration that we can achieve our longer-term expectations of 70% to 80%, as we have seen in more mature markets. 

“This is important to us because we own 5% to 6% share of in-play gaming revenue, which is roughly 3 times higher than our pre-match revenue share. So, as we continue to increase the in-play betting, we directly benefit from this higher revenue share at no incremental cost, therefore contributing to our profitability at near 100% margin.”