JAMBOS Picks has launched its sports betting subscription service this week with a bold guarantee that its picks will be profitable or bettors will get their subscription fee back, plus additional money. 

The site claims to leverage the most sophisticated data-based models, such as those used by Wall Street quant funds, to make the “smartest” bet recommendations for NFL, NCAA Football, NCAA Men’s Basketball and MLB games. It has backing, said the firm, of financiers Bill Miller and David Ganek, prominent business executive Marvin Bush and former Goldman Sachs Partner and Chairman of the New York Racing Association (NYRA) Steve Duncker.

By combining its “first of its kind” financial guarantee with transparency for all bet recommendations, JAMBOS said it brings integrity to an industry that has previously faced accusations of impropriety. “Unlike other subscription sport betting services that cannot or will not provide records of their recommendations to verify their claims of success, JAMBOS offers complete transparency by displaying time-stamped historical bet recommendations for all to see,” it stated.

On its money-back guarantee, the company explained: “For example, a customer with a 17-week subscription that costs $3 per pick, and includes 1,000 recommended bets would receive $10,000 back (including the subscription fee) if they followed the JAMBOS method and did not profit.” 

“Our proprietary algorithm brings a machine learning-based approach to sports betting and guarantees profitability if you follow our system or we pay you,” said Michael Schwimer, Founder and CEO. “By analyzing everything from both publicly available and commercial data sets – some of which are exclusive to JAMBOS – we ensure that subscribers are always equipped with the best possible bet recommendations. Our record of success speaks for itself.”

“I watched analytics completely change Wall Street during my time as a Partner at Goldman Sachs and Michael and his JAMBOS team is far ahead of this same trend in sports betting,” said Duncker. “I was convinced from their success in forecasting careers of minor league baseball players at Big League Advance that JAMBOS would be successful. Picking NCAA Men’s Men’s basketball at a verified 58.3 percent rate over more than 1000 picks proved that the Big League Advance and JAMBOS approach is groundbreaking.”

During an eight-month beta period that began in December 2018, JAMBOS made 2,522 recommendations and finished up 234.95 units. With this record, customers that followed the JAMBOS method and bet the recommended amount of $300 per pick would have earned a profit of more than $70,000. 

To build its models, JAMBOS recruited a data analytics team made up of experts in sports and finance and used proprietary algorithms and vast sets of data on teams, players, weather conditions, home/away stats, specific team/player match-ups and more to recommend bets for subscribers.