North American in-play odds provider DeckPrism Sports has made its official launch into the US sports betting space this month, with early responses from the market proving highly encouraging. Focusing on NFL and college football, NBA and college basketball, and MLB, it aims to provide real-time odds to operators, allowing bettors to wager in-play for real money at information parity with the sportsbook and without having to worry about delays and rejections.

To achieve that the firm offers lines, crucially, at timeouts when both sportsbook and bettor have the same information about the game and delivering what it describes as “…soon be industry-leading predictions at those timeouts created by our best-in-class algorithmic models and personally vetted by our small but elite team of traders”.

Ed Miller, who oversees Sports Betting, Analytics, Trading, and Product Development at the company, hailed the market move, saying: “The response to the launch has been strong. NFL preseason is the perfect time for operators to take a look at our product before things get crazy for Week 1.” 

Miller believes that the current in-play betting experience is marred by constant bet delays and rejections. “With some operators in some circumstances, rejection rates are north of 50%,” he said. “Customers see this for what it is, a customer-unfriendly product, and give up on it.”

He added: “Operators use these delays and rejections for two main reasons. First, they’re concerned about ‘courtsiders’. Second, the analytics used to make the lines is often suspect, and sharp bettors can often easily identify and bet line errors selectively. 

“DeckPrism aims to solve the second problem through best-in-class analytics for American sports that combines sophisticated real-time models with expert human traders. We also suggest a solution to the first problem – focus in-play betting around commercial breaks and other game timeouts, a strategy that is perhaps unfeasible for European soccer, but which suits American sports very well.”