Exactly one year ago today, the first legal sports bets were wagered at Monmouth Park in New Jersey by Governor Phil Murphy, which has since led to a booming sports betting market across the state and the country.

From a national perspective, the liberalization of the New Jersey market following a successful SCOTUS case has triggered somewhat of a domino effect across the country with more states looking to legalize sports betting.

But on a local level, the Supreme Court decision has led to the creation of jobs, a boost in tax revenue, and a boost to The Garden State’s casinos and racetracks.

Just after being inducted into the Sports Betting Hall of Fame, CEO of Monmouth Park Dennis Drazin described the momentous occasion at the racetrack: “I guess the most significant moment that stands out is the day at Monmouth Park when we took the first sports bet. Governor Murphy came and placed the first bet, there were thousands of people there, you couldn’t move within the space.

“It was an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction having accomplished so much in changing a historic landmark for the country. You know sports betting through the Supreme Court’s decision was a victory for state’s rights, and we always believed that state’s rights to have it all should be fulfilled in one moment where everyone came together.

“We were able to witness the first bet and the crowd, which was probably the most magnificent experience during the process [of repealing PASPA].”     

The Monmouth Park Sports Book, operated by William Hill, opened its doors on 14 June to the public shortly after the first wagers were placed.

Explaining how it felt to place the first bet, Governor Phil Murphy described the event as an ‘unbelievable feeling’ during an interview at the recent Betting on Sports America event. He explained: “I placed the first two legal sports bets in the history of the state, last June 14th at Monmouth Racetrack.

“My bets weren’t terribly good, I bet on Germany to win the World Cup and the New Jersey Devils to win the Stanley Cup. Neither of those worked out terribly well, but the feeling to be in that big hall with literally thousands of people waiting to come in behind me to place their bets was an extraordinary feeling and one of those great memories I have had as Governor.”