US Integrity, Odds On Compliance rebrand as Integrity Compliance 360

US Integrity, Odds On Compliance rebrand as Integrity Compliance 360 post-merger
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U.S. Integrity and Odds On Compliance have announced that they have completed their merger and will proceed as a combined entity under the new name of Integrity Compliance 360.

In a management reshuffle, U.S. Integrity CEO Matt Holt will serve as the new CEO of Integrity Compliance 360 while the former Odds On Compliance CEO Eric Frank will take the role of president in the new company. U.S. Integrity COO Scott Sadin will continue in the same role for Integrity Compliance 360.

“The coming together of US Integrity and Odds On Compliance represents a strategic alignment of values and a shared commitment to excellence,” said Holt. “As IC360, we are dedicated to providing our clients with 360-degree solutions that address their unique compliance challenges, ensuring they can operate with integrity and confidence in today’s complex regulatory environment.”

Integrity Compliance 360 will continue to offer each prior company’s products and services under its new banner, including the Integrity Monitoring dashboard, a product for monitoring real-time sports integrity issues, PlayBookAI, the online archive of sports betting laws and regulations, and ProhiBet, a solution for ensuring compliance for athletes, coaches, and staff.

“Our vision is clear: to help lead our industry forward on compliance and integrity standards, empowering our partners to raise the bar,” added Frank. “We believe the IC360 brand represents just that. This is only the beginning of an exciting chapter for Integrity Compliance 360.”

Merger intends to ‘redefine’ compliance

Sadin called the merger and rebrand “an evolution of a journey dedicated to setting industry benchmarks and creating a one-stop-shop for integrity and compliance needs.”

Back at the time of the announcement of the merger in October, Holt said that the new company “is poised to redefine the standards of excellence in the sports betting and gambling compliance industry.”

A key focus of the deal was to build on the early success of ProhiBet, which aims to prevent prohibited personnel such as athletes and coaches from placing bets on games they shouldn’t be betting on. ProhiBet has already signed up clients such as BIG12UFC and Hard Rock Digital to its platform.