Massachusetts Gaming Commission makes offer for executive director

Image: Shutterstock

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) has selected Dean Serpa as its next executive director.

The former Deputy Chief of Staff for Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has been offered the position by the MGC following an arduous public interview process. If Serpa accepts the position, Serpa will take over for interim executive director Todd Grossman.

Grossman has held the role since July 2023 after Karen Wells relinquished the position.

Serpa interviewed for executive director along with Clinton Dick, who serves as General Counsel at the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation. MGC chairwoman Cathy Judd-Stein recused herself from the voting process as her term expires this week.

Dick, who graduated from Harvard Law School, garnered support from several members of the MGC behind his legal and regulatory expertise. However, his lack of managerial experience was a factor in the commission’s decision to offer the position to Serpa.

Several MGC members noted some potential advantages of offering the role to Dick.

Serpa was noted for his professionalism but decision makers yearned for more of his personality. Serpa’s experience in leadership roles and his ability to effectively manage operations during moments of crisis would ultimately lead to his offer from the commission.

Despite not having the opportunity to serve as executive director of the MGC, members of the commission voiced their desire to have Dick join the regulator in some capacity.

“Any future employer of either one of these people would be lucky to have them,” MGC commissioner Jordan Maynard said in the public meeting on Monday. “I think either one of them can do the job.”