nVenue teams with US Integrity for microbetting guidelines

Integrity compass
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nVenue has penned a partnership with US Integrity to design a set of guidelines for the microbetting category in the US

The partnership aims to assess the integrity of the microbetting space and develop expertise in ensuring the category is not martyred by integrity issues and match-fixing scandals. 

Both companies will contribute with their technology and expertise in micro-betting to monitor millions of bets in real-time to detect and analyze any player cheating, latency and official game data inputs. 

Co-Founder and CEO of nVenue Kelly Pracht commented: “Micro-betting is the fastest-growing segment of in-play betting, estimated to generate handles approaching $20bn by 2027.  These entertaining and rapid-fire in-game bets are already pushing the envelope of the betting ecosystem in every way. 

“With such high stakes, we must also consider how we prevent exploitation and manage risks with these new offerings, integrity innovation cannot be an afterthought! I am delighted to share that nVenue, and US Integrity are kicking off an era of thought leadership and collaboration. nVenue, as an odds supplier of micro-bets, brings the technology mindset to build solutions at the source. 

“USI brings a powerful, robust platform built from many years of industry experience and relationships with the leagues and sportsbooks. Together, we aim to make a meaningful difference for many years to come for this very exciting sports betting category.” 

Both companies have stressed the importance of ensuring the integrity of the microbetting category, especially considering the growing interest and high-volume nature of the product. 

US Integrity CEO Matt Holt added: “The solution to this evolving challenge lies in strategic collaborations. Our partnership with nVenue and the integration of innovative AI and machine learning technologies will pave the way for more robust integrity measures in micro-betting, ensuring the security and fairness of this unique category.”