Spinwise calls on Enteractive for player reactivation campaign

Spinwise & Enteractive link on CRM deal
Image: Shutterstock

Enteractive has joined forces with Spinwise on a new collaboration which aims to retrieve active players from lapsed accounts.

The player reactivation and retention firm works with operator clients in markets around the globe, including the US, Canada, Peru and Brazil, with one of its more recent license approvals coming in Pennsylvania last October.

Spinwise has now engaged Enteractive’s services again for a CRM deal, building on an alliance that began last year on a campaign for its Winnerz brand.

According to the igaming firm, Enteractive’s personalized retention and reactivation services are “the key to optimizing revenue generation from the churned segments of their player base”.

Peter Kovisars, CEO at Spinwise.com, commented: “At Spinwise, we take fun seriously, so Enteractive is the perfect partner for reaching players who need a more personalized approach to renew their entertainment with our brands.

“In order to maximize potential LPV across all our player segments, Enteractive will target those audience segments which we’ve seen will respond better to more direct and personal engagement.”

Following the “successful” campaign for Winnerz, Spinwise added reactivation services for their latest released brands – Wisho and Trickz – increasing player retention and loyalty with Enteractive’s proprietary (Re)Activation Cloud technology platform.

Andrew Foster, Chief Business Officer at Enteractive, added: “We’re excited to be working with Spinwise as their igaming brands are quickly making inroads in a number of global markets.

“They see the untapped potential of the lapsed player accounts, and Enteractive has the right mix of technology and reactivation agents to make a considerable difference in active player revenues.”

Elsewhere, Foster recently appeared in a feature on SBC Americas, where he discussed building engagement and long-term brand loyalty with US bettors in the wake of large-scale sporting events.