The Loterias Online, Brazil’s recently launched online lottery game, has performed strongly, pulling in 341,000 player registrations from a total of 3.5 million plays in its first month of operation. Revenue during the period hit US$4.45m.

Drilling further down into that figure, the total average purchase during the first month came in at US$147,500 per day with the average ticket spend at US$12.3.

In a statement to the media the national manager of CAIXA Lottery Products, Rodrigo Hideki Hori, revealed: “This represents 1.41 per cent of all lottery revenues in the period. It exceeded the expectation, which was three per cent of collection in the first 12 months. In the first month alone, the total average purchase was in the house of US$147,500 per day and the average ticket was US$12.3.”

Meanwhile, the country will auction off the Lotex instant lottery concession unit of state bank Caixa Econômica Federal on November 29 via the Sao Paulo stock exchange, state development bank BNDES confirmed last week. BNDES will oversee the sale process for the 15-year concession to operate the lottery with a minimum bid set at $38.88m. In early July the bank stalled a planned auction of Lotex due to a lack of interest. Created in 2015, Lotex has been constantly subjected to privatization attempts.