Is another college baseball betting scandal brewing in Iowa?

Baseball in a cornfield
Image: Shutterstock

A new report from Action Network suggests Alabama isn’t the only NCAA baseball team in hot water over possible betting integrity issues. According to Action Network’s Darren Rovell, Iowa regulators confirmed they are looking into suspicious activity related to the Iowa Hawkeyes baseball team after four players were suspended in advance of last weekend’s games against Ohio State.

Iowa said the suspension of the players, which included starting infielder Keaton Anthony and relief pitcher Jacob Henderson, were left home “due to a potential violation”.

The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission confirmed to Rovell that an investigation was underway related to the matter.

“The commission takes the integrity of gaming in the state seriously and is continuing to monitor the situation and will provide any additional information when able,” said Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission Director of Gaming Brian Ohorilko.

Meanwhile, more details are coming forward about the now-dismissed Alabama baseball coach Brad Bohannon. According to ESPN, surveillance video from a casino indicated that Bohannon was on the phone with someone around the same time that Alabama’s starting pitcher, Luke Holman, was going to be scratched. Subsequently, that person placed a wager on Alabama’s opponent LSU.

While sources have emphasized that no players were involved in the Alabama incident, it is unclear so far whether or not student-athletes were involved in any gambling situation in Iowa. In the meantime, no states have pulled Iowa baseball betting markets off the board.