Massachusetts regulators offer clarity on ADW and fixed-odds horse betting

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During the same meeting during which the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) heard plans for the Caesars Sportsbook-powered retail sportsbook at Raynham Park, the group also decided against allowing fixed-odds horse racing at Massachusetts online and retail sportsbooks.

While there are some clear indicators in the sports betting regulations, the MGC still took time during its Thursday meeting to clarify whether or not fixed-odds betting on horse races is allowed at state sportsbooks.

The MGC’s consulting counselor Todd Grossman offered his thoughts on the matter and noted that his recommendation was a combination of the letter of the law and policy-motivated thinking. Ultimately, he said that the regulators should respect the existing rules and jurisdiction of the laws governing pari-mutuel wagering on horses.

“Absent a clearly expressed legislative intention to do otherwise, that should remain the sole and exclusive authority on the subject,” Grossman explained.

The commissioners unanimously agreed with this recommendation and approved it with a 5-0 vote.

Operators seeking to incorporate horse racing into their sportsbook offering received further clarification later in the meeting when the commissioners approved the integration of FanDuel Racing, FanDuel’s ADW racing app, into the existing FanDuel Sportsbook app.

Once again, Grossman weighed in, noting that as a legal ADW app operator and an approved online sportsbook operator, there was no reason he could see why such an integration would not be allowed.

The commissioners again agreed and approved the integration, which is already in place in several other markets where FanDuel operates.

The news comes just one day after DraftKings officially launched its Twin Spires-powered DK Horse ADW app in 12 states. Unlike FanDuel Racing, which is integrated into the sportsbook app, DK Horse is currently a standalone app separate from DraftKings Sportsbook.