GeoComply reports MA had twice the activity of similar states during opening weekend

Paul Revere statue in Boston
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If you’re looking for a ballpark of how many users have been active since Massachusetts launched online sports betting on Friday, GeoComply has some insights.

Operators who work with GeoComply generated 8.1 million geolocation checks from just over 400,000 unique player accounts. According to GeoComply, the activity immediately put Massachusetts in the top five states in terms of activity, trailing New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. That puts it ahead of other large markets like Illinois, Arizona, Colorado, and Michigan.

GeoComply reports that the action in the state is outsized compared to its population. The state saw double the activity of comparable states like Virginia, Arizona, Indiana, and Maryland, which only launched sports betting late last year. Here’s a breakdown from GeoComply:

“We are privileged to be licensed in Massachusetts and support operators and the MGC as it builds a regulated online sports betting market with responsible gambling hard-boiled into its regulations. Massachusetts citizens will benefit from legal online sportsbooks dedicated to greater protection and an increased budget for responsible gambling programs,” said GeoComply SVP of Compliance Lindsay Slader.

“When Anna [Sainsbury] and David [Briggs] founded GeoComply over a decade ago, they set about solving the geolocation conundrum. Today, one of the biggest challenges facing operators is onboarding genuine players and keeping out fraudsters. With the gold standard of geolocation in place and an experienced team of experts, we are uniquely positioned to lead the fight against fraud in all its forms,” she added.