Martin Lycka: On how he stopped, collaborated and listened at ICE 2023

Rapper Vanilla Ice
Image: Shutterstock

Like many others in the industry, Entain’s SVP for American Regulatory Affairs and Responsible Gambling Martin Lycka is cooling off after a busy week at the ICE gaming conference. What better way to channel all that post-conference energy than putting together a little ditty set to an American classic? Martin’s back with a brand new edition:

ICE ICE London (2023)

Yo, industry folk
Let’s get rolling 

ICE ICE London
ICE ICE London

Onto that plane 
Come over to England, London
This year’s show is about to rumble

Never mind you’re not a DLR fan
One can’t be without the February jam  

Heron Quays 
Customs House
Elbow through the crowds, at the entrance get your pass 

Get on with it, stomp the North and South halls 
Three long days, there ain’t no pause 

This lot you know from the IMGL party 
Those other folks were boozing last night in Barkin’ 

Greet, keep shaking those hands 
You’re bound to make even more industry friends

Walking those booths, salesmen smiling  
KYC kits, there is no hiding 

And when you getting tired
From all that schmoozing
Grab a cup of coffee it’ll make you cozy

ICE ICE London, Docklands
ICE ICE London, Docklands
ICE ICE London, Docklands
ICE ICE London, Docklands 

Time to hop on the stage to do your panel 
Nuggets of wisdom imparted like you’re a scholar

Who’s gonna regulate next, who’s lagging behind
Brazil’s a bit slow but Peru’s in sight 

Knocking them states down one by one
Sports betting unstoppable but gaming will yet take time

And look at the clock, the session’s near done
Thanks fellow panelist, that was beyond fun.

Back to the City and onto Natural History
London, Baby will provide chic and artistry

Well past midnight, back on the Tube
Riding to the hotel and to the bed you scoot 

Next day 
You get to do it all from the top 
It’s another conference day there is no bunking off 

A quite bit knackered you’re back at N3
Waving at iGO, later a meeting with DGE

And at the end, until next year, everyone farewell
Or perhaps hasta la vista, au revoir 

ICE ICE London, Docklands
ICE ICE London, Docklands
ICE ICE London, Docklands
ICE ICE London, Docklands