Sightline Payments introduces Play+ VIP accounts with $1m limit

VIP card
Image: Shutterstock

Sightline Payments has launched a new program titled VIP Select, which offers specifically invited patrons to increase the spending limit on their Play+ account to $1m. 

Expanding its VIP program, Sightline will significantly increase the spending limits available on its current VIP offering for those with financial capabilities to do so. 

VIP Select patrons must undergo enhanced due-diligence processes to secure invitations to the VIP Select program, with an extensive application process and verified history required before invitations will be offered. 

Sightline reiterated that customers without a proven account in ‘good standing’ and verification will not be allowed to join the program. Moreover, those who apply must not be on any responsible gaming, self-exclusion or other watchlists. 

The VIP Select account works in the same fashion as an ordinary Play+ account but has a much higher deposit and spending limit, which allows operators to enable the features without developing new infrastructure. 

“Our partners want the ability to offer increased account limits to their high-value clients,” said Jamie Parks, Vice President and Product Manager, Payments. 

“Operators have long viewed Play+ as an indispensable payment solution across the gaming industry, and offerings like VIP Select further solidify our place as the payments solution across North America.”

Sightline’s Play+ product allows gaming users to spend their funds across a variety of gaming venues across the US on the same platform. 

Play+ is partnered with over 80 gaming operators in over 40 states and works across sports betting, lottery, horse racing, igaming and casinos.