DruvStar bolsters cyber security of Kindbridge

Image: Shutterstock

DruvStar has agreed to a partnership with Kindbridge to assist the problem gambling treatment company in providing its services to those that need help by enhancing its cyber security.

Kindbridge is a national telehealth provider specializing in gambling and video gaming problem behaviors and addiction treatment, along with co-occurring mental health challenges through therapy and counseling. 

Through the partnership, DruvStar will assist Kindbridge with its cyber security in both software development and live operations to make sure the company can offer help to gamblers struggling with their mental health safely and securely.

“This partnership gets to the core of the mission for DruvStar, to provide premium cyber-defense for gaming and healthcare service providers,” commented Manjit Gombra Singh, CEO and Founder of DruvStar.

“Together, the two companies will ensure that Kindbridge technology is built and operated with the best industry practices in cybersecurity. Client, patient, and partner data will be safe on the Kindbridge platform.”

Kindbridge’s goal is to provide clients and patients with a safe and confidential space for counseling and therapy. It also strives to build the US’ largest network of mental health treatment providers with a focus on high-quality and specialized care.

Back in October, the company teamed up with the NFL Players Association’s (NFLPA) Professional Athletes Foundation (PAF) for the creation of a new program to open the dialogue regarding the importance of mental health in sports.

However, with the healthcare sector seeing an average of 1426 attacks per week, Kindbridge is partnering with Druvstar to keep ahead of these cyber security threats.

Daniel Umfleet, CEO and Founder of Kindbridge, added: “DruvStar brings the added layer of security that we feel our clients deserve. We’re pleased that as we grow, DruvStar can help us scale our tech with a world-class level of defense.”

Recently, DruvStar announced that it will be expanding its services into the states of Ohio, Maryland, and Louisiana, and it will also be providing its cyber security solutions to betting platform SB22.