AGA publishes 2025 Strategic Plan to help legal gaming thrive

The American Gaming Association has published its 2025 Strategic Plan as part of its mission to help legal and regulated gaming thrive.
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The American Gaming Association (AGA) has published its 2025 Strategic Plan as part of its mission to ‘ensure legal, regulated gaming remains vibrant, strong and thriving’.

The AGA notes that the new strategic plan positions itself to lead the American gaming industry into ‘a new era of opportunity and growth’.

The plan is directed by four guiding principles: 

  • Accomplish for the industry what individual members cannot do alone
  • Lead a rigorous and inclusive process to define positions on consequential industry issues
  • Advance industry priorities that enable growth, modernization, and continued success
  • Serve as a convener by aligning stakeholder interests, creating unity, and driving action

“Our plan underscores AGA’s focus on creating a favorable policy and business environment to fuel industry growth,” commented Bill Miller, President and CEO of the American Gaming Association.

“It recognizes AGA’s critical role in reinforcing and raising the bar on our industry’s commitment to responsible leadership. It defines a strategy to ensure our organization endures as the indispensable voice of gaming.”

The strategic plan is broken down into four strategic pillars: 

  • Foster an environment for industry growth and momentum
  • Drive effective and efficient regulation
  • Bolster gaming’s commitment to responsible leadership
  • Strengthen organizational and financial positioning

Miller continued: “We are in a new era of industry expansion and rising public expectations. A younger generation of customers is getting to know our industry. The legalization of sports betting is bringing gaming further into the mainstream. The growing interest in igaming presents broad opportunities.

“Meanwhile, casino gaming – as with all industries – faces new demands from investors, policymakers, employees, and patrons to not only deliver strong financial performance but to make positive societal contributions.

“By following a disciplined strategy, we are confident the AGA will help gaming meet the moment and seize the opportunities before us.”

The AGA’s 2025 Strategic Plan can be read by clicking here.