WagerWire poll shows people want more education before betting

WagerWire betting education
Image: Shutterstock

Online sports betting is becoming increasingly commonplace throughout the US, but a new survey from WagerWire indicates many Americans are still intimidated by the idea of placing a bet on their phones.

In a survey that polled 500 sports bettors and 200 non-sports bettors, 78% of respondents said they would be more likely to bet online if they had more education around how to do so.

This lack of understanding breaks down into two categories. One is bettors not knowing enough about how to bet. Of those polled, 43% specifically said they did not know enough about sports betting. The other problem is not understanding the process of setting up an online account and placing a wager. The poll reported 41% of people didn’t bet because they “don’t know how or where to bet on sports”.

“The data from our study clearly shows how a lack of adequate betting education is the greatest barrier to entry for would-be bettors. However, education is also the industry’s greatest opportunity to grow and expand,” said Zach Doctor, cofounder and CEO of WagerWire. “There is a notable impasse in the current sports betting landscape regarding operators pulling back on their promotional and marketing spend, while also striving to grow their user bases and gain market share. While promotions and free bets are flashy, basic betting education can be the formula needed to develop more confident, engaged, and responsible players that will result in a stronger, more sustainable industry.”

WagerWire will be working with Gaming Society to help bolster education efforts in the US. The partnership will leverage the media and social presence of Gaming Society alongside resources, information, and tips provided by the WagerWire team. Gaming Society is also working with FanDuel on creating a more welcoming betting environment, particularly for women.

“At Gaming Society, we believe that by educating bettors we can build a stronger, more sustainable and responsible sports betting community,” said Gaming Society co-founder Jaymee Messler. “The WagerWire team not only shares our vision but is already developing unique strategies to integrate education into their platform. Through our new partnership we’ll unite both our platforms to build a larger community, create stronger data on bettor behavior and use this information to build new tools and content that will empower the American sports bettor.”