OneComply completes API integration of WhistleBlower Security

OneComply has completed the API integration of WhistleBlower Security, allowing its reporting alerts to be viewed and actioned inside its compliance platform.
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OneComply has announced it has completed the API integration of WhistleBlower Security, allowing WhistleBlower’s ethics reporting alerts to be viewed and actioned inside OneComply’s 360° compliance platform.

WhistleBlower Security is a global confidential ethics hotlines and reporting services provider, giving organizations an “efficient, empathetic, and trustworthy” ethics reporting process.

Thanks to the integration, alerts from WhistleBlower’s IntegrityCounts solution – which signals fraud or other misconduct that could become compliance issues – will be visible on the OneComply Licence Control dashboard.

Here, clients can initiate a customizable remediation process along with specific compliance workflows related to the alert.

“We designed the OneComply platform to be the nerve center for any compliance-related issues that a gaming company needs to monitor and respond to,” commented Cameron Conn, CEO and Co-Founder of OneComply.

“By integrating with WhistleBlower, any ethics reporting alerts – whether for fraud, illegal activity, or other types of misconduct – will be immediately visible in the OneComply dashboard, with specific workflows automatically kicked-off to ensure that all issues are known and actioned so that nothing falls through the cracks.

“This integration also preserves the anonymity of the reporter and restricts access to confidential information.”

OneComply notes that while whistleblower reports are reviewed by HR and may not have an immediate compliance impact, the investigative process could trigger the need to self-report to the gaming regulatory body, such as in cases involving potential fraud, non-compliant activity, or anything that could initiate legal action. 

The firm adds that by including these alerts into its platform and initiating a compliance workflow, all the stakeholders involved in compliance, HR, legal, and operations, will be kept in the loop and involved in the required actions.   

Shannon Walker, President of WhistleBlower Security, added: “Providing staff and stakeholders with a confidential and trustworthy ethics reporting solution is an extremely important part of any gaming company’s compliance program.

“By integrating our alerts with the OneComply compliance platform, we help to streamline the process and ensure that all reports are not only visible in OneComply but that actions are assigned, tracked, and resolved.”

Recently, OneComply also completed the integration of PrintScan, a New York-based biometric compliance and identity management solutions company that provides fingerprinting services, into its 360° compliance platform.