Colombian trade body Fecoljuegos has signed up eight new members to its ranks. They comprise sports betting firm Masgol; online sports specialist Sun Dreams; slot operator King Club; game developer and operator Novomatic; slot operator Coast Investors; electronic table game developer Gambee; and casino operators Millionaire Group Colombia and Codere.

In welcoming them aboard, the association said: “We are pleased to announce that thanks to the efforts and projects that have been carried out in 2018, highly recognized companies have joined the federation with the aim of working as a team with our affiliates. In order to obtain results that benefit the industry, it is important to form a solid team that allows to strengthen the operators. This is the reason why different companies have approached the federation in order to work together on the concerns and needs of the sector.”

It added: “Thanks to the commitment of our board of directors and members, we have managed to attract more members of Fecoljuegos. At present there are approximately 80 companies working under the same purpose, a number that we are pleased to announce has increased with the new affiliates in this last two-month period corresponding to April and May.

“We welcome Gambee and Novomatic who entered the chapter of suppliers and manufacturers; to, a sports betting platform, in the online chapter and finally to SunDreams, Millionaire, King Club, Costa Rican investors and Codere who join in the localized games chapter.