Sahil Patel: The industry has been very welcoming to BettorFantasy

The industry has been ‘very welcoming’ to new startup market entrants including BettorFantasy, according to Co-Founder and CEO Sahil Patel

Speaking to SBC Media at SBC Summit North America last year, Patel noted that despite significant competition in the North American sports betting and fantasy sports space, industry peers have been receptive to BettorFantasy – a new entrant to the space. 

He remarked: “We had no idea what to expect getting into the industry with such established companies and lots of competition but the industry has been very welcoming to startups. 

“We got invited to Vegas a couple of weeks ago to pitch at the startup competition and we joined the Fantasy Sports and Games Association (FSGA). There are so many people in the industry willing to help out other startups and let them know about experiences that they had when starting their own companies. 

BettorFantasy attended SBC Summit North America 2021, which will return to New Jersey this July.

Patel noted that the event allowed the firm to meet partners and vendors they intended to work with when building its plans for this year. 

Commenting on BettorFantasy’s event experience, Patel added: “We’re going through our strategy for next year and there are a lot of companies and vendors here that can be part of making our vision happen.

“We’ve been meeting with lots of vendors and a couple of investors and advisors that we haven’t been able to meet in person so this has been a great area to see people that we have only been able to see over Zoom.”