Will Tighe: Bettor Fantasy welcomed as ‘industry is receptive to startups’

The sports betting and daily fantasy industry is welcoming to newcomers as ‘everybody loves to see innovators’, according to Bettor Fantasy CMO Will Tighe.

Speaking to SBC Media at SBC Summit North America last year, Tighe drew upon his own experiences in launching Bettor Fantasy, noting that ‘a rising tide lifts all boats in this industry’.

He remarked: “The key thing is that the industry is very receptive to startups in the sense that everybody loves to see innovators. Everybody is phishing each other to be better. The competition is definitely fierce but at the end of the day, a rising tide lifts all boats in this industry so everybody has been very receptive to us.”

Key to Bettor Fantasy’s operations is giving back to society and providing for charities nationwide in the US. It currently supports ‘Fighting For Children’ which aims to ‘improve the lives of the underserved youth through sports’. 

Tighe explained why it is so important for the company to champion charities such as Fighting For Children, adding: “Fighting For Children has been great for us to partner with because of their commitment to empowering youth to experience the benefits of rec sports even if they don’t have the same access that other young people might. 

“I think it is really interesting for the industry because everybody places such importance on reaching the Gen Z audience and social action is something they are demanding from the brands that they support so for us to be able to tie it into our business model so early it is great for us to do that and serve our community.”