SBC Leaders: Jefebet delivers for ‘tremendously underserved’ US Latino market

Fifth Street Gaming Digital’s new platform is filling the gap in the market for US Latino-focused gaming and entertainment content, according to the firm’s Chief Strategy Officer, Seth Young.

Featuring on the latest edition of the SBC Leaders Podcast, Young told SBC’s Global Relationships Director Kelly Kehn that the firm’s new media and betting platform will help to activate 12 million people that speak Spanish as their first language in the US. 

Young remarked: “Jefebet is focused towards the Latino audience in the US, a tremendously underserved segment of the populace. There are about 63 million in the US that identify as Latino, 12 million that speak Spanish as their first language, and almost nothing geared towards them for gambling and entertainment content. 

“We embarked upon a brand build and a multi-product strategy to do some really cool things and really do it authentically. We’ve hired well, mostly in LatAm and South America, a lot of folk down in Argentina. 

“We’re doing a lot of proprietary content on Jefebet, we’re going to be running a fantasy sports platform and we’re building something very special which I don’t quite want to put out into the world yet but it’s a super interesting game that really hasn’t been seen before here. 

“Teaming up with Seth Shorr at Fifth Street has been tremendous, he’s an incredible person, we’ve known each other for a while. We very much see the world the same way. It’s been a tremendously interesting journey since we started back in August/September 2021 to build this media brand.”

Later on, Kehn asked Young about his legacy and what he aims to leave behind in five years’ time. With Jefebet serving a new, underserved market, he acknowledged that he would want to be known for driving change in the industry. 

“I think I want to be known as someone who is curious and someone who was helpful and helped to drive change in an impactful way,” he added. “I really like that you have a regulated market in the US and now the supporting economy is being built and new people are coming in. 

“I love that the gambling industry particularly in the US supports a lot of public policy initiatives, supports local communities; it is one of the largest tax bases in the country. I love the space and I like introducing ideas that will grow in a responsible way and working with people who want to do the same thing. 

“One: it’s entertaining. Two: it keeps me young and three: it ends up doing good it what it can do.”

The podcast also saw Kehn and Young discuss emerging markets such as NFTs and the Metaverse, with Young noting that, whilst he doesn’t own an NFT, he remains ‘interested’ in how the space can develop.