Sports betting platform provider BtoBet, among the key players in the Latin American gaming sector, has published a new report that says Argentina’s igaming industry is setting the basis for exponential growth. 

Industry Report “Argentina: Paving the Way for Exponential Growth in the iGaming Industry” analyses how South America’s igaming industry is surely and quickly becoming one of the main hot spots for the global online betting industry, attracting a series of expansion ventures from established operators with background in more mature markets. 

With particular reference to Argentina and its province of Buenos Aires, the document describes the local industry as having considerable potential, and tracks how the significant strides it has made in its regulatory laws have further cemented the country’s igaming potential.

The report also provides deep insight in terms of the regulatory situation of the local online betting industry, which up until now is regulated on a province-to-province basis, whilst also displaying detailed information regarding the strong technological infrastructure, with particular focus in terms of internet and smartphone penetration.

On mobile, the study noted: “Argentina’s mobile penetration is even way above the regional median. Whilst Southern America’s regional penetration in terms of mobile subscription compared to the total population indicated a penetration of 109%, Argentina registered a 135% penetration, with over 60 million subscriptions for a population of almost 45 million. It is important to note that this level of penetration compares also favourably to the statistics in Europe.”

BtoBet CEO Alessandro Fried is quoted extensively in the report, detailing his views on the current regulatory process, and the key to success for operators in the region. For deeper insight download BtoBet’s Industry Report.