Sports Gambling Podcast Network launches 16-team college football tournament

Sean Green, Colby Dant and Ryan Kramer at SGPN's Los Angeles studio. Image source: SGPN

Sports Gambling Podcast Network’s (SGPN)  college football-loving experts will take matters into their own hands these next few weeks by conducting a 16-team, Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) playoff tournament.

The aim is  to determine a national champion from among all the top-tier teams that earned an opportunity to win it all.   

The top-tier sports prognostication and analysis platform will select the 16 most deserving teams, seed them and simulate the entire

The entire process will be unveiled at with announcement of the 16 teams scheduled for December 27. Results of the games will be reported regularly thereafter with the champion to be determined and announced on Monday, January 9, the day before the College Football Playoff Championship Game in Indianapolis.    

“This is our way of capping off another great season of college football in a manner that demonstrates what a full-scale tournament would look like,” noted Sean Green, Co-founder and CEO of SGPN.  “So many more teams are deserving of a chance to show their stuff and our audiences have made it clear.  They want more teams to have a chance.”    

“College football’s decision-making hierarchy is stuck in the mud,” added SGPN college football expert Colby Dant. “The Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) has been doing this since the mid-80s. That proves it’s doable. I can speak for our followers that we don’t want eight or 12 teams. Let’s go to 16 and make college football the blockbuster spectacle that it should be.”   

SGPN will convene Dant, Green, Co-founder Ryan Kramer and other experts among its 50 contributors to make the call on the 16 teams, including all of the 10 FBS conference champions. 

Common sense will dictate most of the other six, said SGPN, and they will use the Associated Press Top 25, the NCAA FBS Top 25 Rankings and their own rankings and power ratings to determine the final few. Game simulations will begin before the end of December and results will be reported on the website and in the podcasts along the way, leading into the second week of January.