Chalkboard debuts gamified messaging platform to streamline sports betting experience

Chalkboard has debuted its data-driven, gamified messaging platform which strives to streamline the sports betting experience.
Image source: Shutterstock

Social sports betting app Chalkboard has debuted its data-driven, gamified messaging platform which strives to provide ‘seamless real-time bet tracking, score updates and heightened social interaction between sports fans, friends and families for an entirely new sports betting experience’.

According to Chalkboard, the app was produced to create an environment that brings together newcomers and betting pros alike, to experience ‘the thrill of betting on a sporting event’ no matter how big the wager.

Ted Mauze, CEO and Co-founder, commented: “The bet ‘placement’ isn’t the exciting part of sports betting. The unforgettable moments occur once that bet goes live, your team has the come-from-behind win in reach, and the group chat is having a collective meltdown. Those heart-racing moments deserve a gamified upgrade, and we built Chalkboard to do just that.”

Chalkboard was created to streamline the sports betting experience into one app, rather than sports bettors being forced to switch between several social, scores, and bet-tracking apps.

The app offers a suite of sports betting services to its users such as community-driven messaging ‘boards’ and chats, the ability to sync real sportsbook wagers, track scores, play-by-play and stats from major leagues such as the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and others, as well consensus of betting odds for every major sport.

Saniyah, NBA sports betting influencer & Chalkboard NBA Community Manager, stated: “We’re at an exciting time where new betting markets are opening up and larger numbers of people are trying out sports betting.

“The new ‘boards’ feature helps Chalkboarders extend their betting network and even learn how to place bets on new sports. It’s a great way to learn and share the excitement of sports betting with others.”