Betr links with US Integrity to monitor wagering activity

US Integrity has agreed to provide Betr with integrity monitoring services ahead of the microbetting operator’s launch in the state of Ohio.
Image: Shutterstock

US Integrity has agreed to a comprehensive partnership with Betr ahead of the microbetting operator’s launch in the state of Ohio.

Under the terms of the deal, US Integrity will provide Betr with integrity monitoring services via its proprietary dashboard, conducting analysis of data sets to identify irregularities in contest-level, officiating, and wagering patterns.

The Betr-US Integrity partnership comes on the back of the former’s equity-focused partnership with the Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment Company for market access across Ohio.

“The integrity of the sports betting experience at Betr is extremely important, and we are thrilled to be working with US Integrity as we launch our revolutionary platform,” commented Alex Ursa, Head of Product at Betr.

“US Integrity’s proactive approach to maintaining integrity will play a pivotal role in detecting potentially suspicious wagering activity.”

Betr plans to offer microbetting rather than traditional offerings in the US sports betting market. The operator’s Co-Founder and President is social media influencer Jake Paul, while its other Co-Founder and CEO is Joe Levy, the Co-Founder of Simplebet.

Following a launch in Ohio next year when the state’s market goes live, the operator plans to expand across the US.

“US Integrity is proud to partner with Betr and assist as they grow their brand across the US and Canadian regulated sports wagering markets,” added Matthew Holt, CEO and Co-Founder of US Integrity.

“US Integrity’s mission is to provide conflict-free, best-in-class insights & compliance solutions to our clients. We are looking forward to working with the exceptional team at Betr. 

“All our partners are committed to the highest integrity standards, and they are no exception. These types of partnerships help ensure sports betting integrity and strengthen the unique & proprietary anomaly detection tools we have developed at US Integrity.”