PointsBet Canada hires Dale Fallon as Senior Director of Product

Online gaming operator PointsBet has hired Dale Fallon as Senior Director of Product of PointsBet Canada.
Image source: Shutterstock

Online gaming operator PointsBet has hired Dale Fallon as Senior Director of Product of PointsBet Canada.

He joins recent PointsBet Canada hires of Scott Vanderwel as CEO, Nic Sulsky as Chief Commercial Officer, and Chantal Cipriano as Vice President, Legal, Compliance & People.

Commenting on his appointment, Fallon said: “PointsBet Canada has the opportunity to capitalize on one of the most exciting new gaming markets in the world, and I am thrilled to have the chance to contribute to the company’s vision. With its strong in-house technology and innovative business model, PointsBet is well-positioned to continue scaling as a legitimate global player.

“PointsBet possesses the competitive advantage of controlling their own roadmap, and as we build our distinctly Canadian operation, I look forward to using that advantage to assist in the creation of a brand and product that strongly resonates with consumers in this country.”

Fallon’s experience includes most recently leading Digital Products for Rogers Sportsnet, where he was responsible for product strategy and delivery for a suite of apps and websites, with a particular focus on NHL content.

He previously led the product launch for Sportsnet NOW, a comprehensive video streaming service, and he also headed up product management at theScore, overseeing the early launch and growth of ScoreMobile across a variety of mobile platforms.

CCO Sulsky stated: “As we continue to establish the PointsBet Canada brand, we will remain true to the PointsBet mandate of arming the team with best-in-class talent to ultimately realize best-in-class execution.

“I’ve known Dale for over 10 years and have been a fan of his work for even longer – I am very excited to finally call him a teammate as Dale joins our growing list of many talented, authentically Canadian hires and will help ensure our product represents, understands, and appropriately connects with the Canadian sports landscape and its passionate, unique fanbase.”

Last month, PointsBet reached an agreement with the NFL to become an Approved Sportsbook Operator for the 2021 NFL season.