Colombia’s gambling industry registers a 120% rise in sales

Image source: Shutterstock

Colombian gambling regulator Coljuegos has revealed that the industry has been able to generate total sales of 23.4bn pesos between January and July 2021, which represents a 120% increase when compared to the same period in 2020.

César Augusto Valencia, President of the organization, said that “…it’s a number that shows that we’re on track in terms of economic reactivation,” and that the performance has allowed the industry to send more resources to the health sector, as “they have incremented the exploitation rights reported by the operators as a consequence of higher sales”.

In regards to these rights, Coljuegos has managed to collect 362,6m pesos, an 89% increase compared to the numbers reported in 2020. Of that total, 128,6m came from physical games, while online gambling registered 102,1m pesos and a 189% increase.

According to Valencia, the Super Astro game generated 62,5m pesos, while Baloto Revancha and Revancha earned 37m and 12,2m, respectively.

“We had to overcome adversity and things that are not up to us in order to get the sector back on track. That’s why we will continue working together to move forward with the economic reactivation,” he said.

The President also highlighted the growth of the online gambling sector, which in the previous year had experienced a 73% growth and so far, that figure has already increased to 128% in 2021.

“By categorizing these figures, it’s possible to show that, historically, betting on sporting events has become the vertical with the highest participation when it comes to online gambling,” he explained.

“Currently, sports betting has a 56% participation in total sales, while casino games and virtual games have 35%, and other types of games, such as live casino, 9%.”

Furthermore, in the first six of the months around 4.8 million active accounts were registered among the 17 authorized sites by Coljuegos, which received a total of 6.3bn pesos in prizes.