OneComply partners with EDF Compliance to support US affiliate market growth

Image source: Shutterstock

OneComply, a compliance and licensing solution provider from Vancouver, has struck a new deal to support Boston-based EDF Compliance with licensing consulting services targeted at new marketing affiliates entering the US sports betting and iGaming market. 

The explosion of regulated gaming in the US has provided an opportunity for savvy and experienced affiliates from foreign jurisdictions to justify the expansion into the exciting US market. Yet, with over half of US states now having passed legislation or other forms of sports betting authorization, the regulatory and licensing needs continue to grow. 

EDF Compliance’s turn-key market entry services will assist affiliates in navigating the complex corporate, tax, and regulatory hurdles, while OneComply’s licensing solutions will provide increased efficiency to scale across multiple jurisdictions. 

“EDF Compliance’s philosophy is success through teamwork,” said Eric Frank, EDF Compliance founder. “Leveraging deep market knowledge, contacts, and experience, EDF Compliance has designed a solution to help marketing affiliate partners succeed in today’s rapidly expanding gaming industry.

“Having OneComply as part of this process makes me confident that we can deliver an efficient, cost-effective offering for our clients.”

Utilizing OneComply’s licensing solution allows EDF Compliance to efficiently manage a key portion of the affiliate licensing process, allowing marketers more flexibility in their approach to market entry.

“We are excited about the opportunity to expand OneComply’s licensing solution to the growing affiliate market in partnership with EDF Compliance,” added Cameron Conn, CEO of OneComply.

“Combined with Eric’s vast knowledge of licensing and compliance, this will offer new market entrants a streamlined way to scale their business in the US. While the process for obtaining licenses can be daunting when entering the US market, it can be done with greater security and accuracy, which supports our clients and the licensing process.”