FansUnite signs up OneComply to smooth entry into North America

Image source: Shutterstock

Compliance and licensing specialist OneComply Inc has agreed a new deal with sports entertainment firm FansUnite Entertainment Inc, under the terms of which it will assist FansUnite as it enters additional North American legalized gaming jurisdictions. 

The move, which sees OneComply provide advice on protocol and strategy, follows the announcement by FansUnite of the amalgamation with Askott Entertainment Inc to create one of Canada’s leading online gaming companies, focused on sports betting, esports wagering, and casino games.

Scott Burton, CEO of FansUnite, commented: “We are pleased to be partnering with OneComply as we look to tackle the North American gaming market. As a licensed betting and igaming company, we understand how difficult and nuanced the licensing process can be. With the help of OneComply, we will be able to streamline the process to enter new North American markets and showcase our suite of gaming solutions to a broader audience.”

The repeal of PASPA has created a wave of newly regulated states across the US gaming market. Companies seeking to gain market entry into these states face significant regulatory processes to obtain operational licenses. 

The United States legalized gaming industry is state-regulated, meaning companies need to file for each jurisdiction independently. These individual disclosure filings can be thousands of pages in size resulting in substantial internal and external expenses.

Cameron Conn, CEO of OneComply Inc, explained: “The amount of opportunity in North America for new-to-market companies can be overwhelming given the various licensing processes and jurisdictional requirements, with companies no longer trying to enter one jurisdiction, but multiple jurisdictions simultaneously. 

“This creates a tremendous amount of lag in productivity even with the most seasoned of compliance and legal teams. We understand the importance FansUnite places on regulation, and we look forward to supporting their scale in the North American market.”