Chilean Senate debates new casino advertising regulations

Image source: Shutterstock

While Chile awaits the presentation of a new online gambling regulation project, promised by the Undersecretariat of Finance in January 2021, the Government, Decentralization and Regionalization Commission of the national Senate has started a new debate on regulations that would be included in the gambling law No. 19,995.

According to a report by Diario Concepción, the debate is focused on advertising regulations and the different types of promotions that land-based casinos could offer regarding their activity.

Moreover, the concept of “gambling” would be incorporated into the regulation, along with more limits for the vulnerable such as minors and people who suffer from gambling problems.

Following the proposals unveiled by the President of the Commission, Senator Carlos Bianchi, and by Senators Alfonso de Urresti, Pedro Araya, Jorge Pizarro, Jaime Quintana and Rabindranath Quinteros, Chile would also limit activities and promotions offered by the operators in advertising campaigns.

Vivien Villagrán, superintendent of the gambling regulator SCJ, participated in the debates and agreed to contribute with articles on regulation, while she assured that “it seems essential that the SCJ has more tools for responsible gambling”.

As this legislative amendment advances to include more sectors of the industry, most land-based casinos in the country continue to face restrictions and closures, after being shut down for more than nine months in 2020.

Consequently, the casinos expect regulations in favor of online gambling, as proposed back in January. During the debates, the SCJ also insisted that illegal online gambling has increased in the country and that currently around 900 active sites exist, which is why regulation is necessary.